Our specialisation mediation falls under the label HOFF. Mediation is a manner of conflict resolution. Together with a neutral third party you and the other person you will negotiate a solution to the conflict. The mediator is a specialist in guiding you through the negotiation process, and will, when the mediation is successful, draft the agreement for you.

All sorts of conflicts are suitable for mediation, as long as both parties are willing. It can be a divorce, a conflict regarding an inheritance, but also in the relationship between an employee and employer or a disagreement in a management team mediation can be an outcome.

The goal of the mediation is to reach an agreement which is sustainable and suited to all involved, against lower costs than the costs of a court case.

Mediator and co-founder of the law firm LEGAL LABELS, mr. Froana Hoff, has many years of experience as a mediator. She is a member of the Association for Family Lawyer and Mediators vFAS.

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