Corporate law

Our specialisation corporate law falls under the label SPLNTR. Corporate law is a term, which includes many different aspects of law which a entrepreneur deals with on a daily basis. The possibilities of the services within this specialisation area are therefore extensive.

Within the area of corporate law SPLNTR is asked to assist in all legal matters related to doing business. It starts with the establishment of the legal entity, and continues with the advice for contracts, and (general) terms and conditions. SPLNTR also assist in the event of a conflict and is of great value in various negotiations. When the company needs to be reorganised, merged or dissolved. SPLNTR is also there to advise and if necessary go to court for you.

Lawyer and co-founder of law firm LEGAL LABELS, mr. Jelle Splinter, has many years of experience and has been of invaluable service to entrepreneurs in all the different aspects of running a company, whether large or small. Sometimes for a one off advice or a legal proceeding but most often Jelle serves as a steady sounding board for his clients. Because of this his advice is timely, and any problems which can arise in the future are therefore prevented as much as possible.

Our specialisation corporate law together with the specialisation employment law falls under the label SPLNTR.

You can read more about the label SPLNTR linking through to the website of SPLNTR bij clicking the label below.