legal quality without any fuss

The law firm LEGAL LABELS is a so-called “boutique law firm”, established in Leiden and founded by the lawyers Froana Hoff and Jelle Splinter.

At LEGAL LABELS we work with labels, which represent one or more specialisations. Our lawyers are specialists who deliver quality and have a no-nonsense attitude. Our language is understandable and our service and rates are flexible.

In short, with LEGAL LABELS we run a modern law office in which our legal specialists work together to reach the best result for our clients.

At this time we have two labels HOFF and SPLNTR, of which HOFF represents the specialisations of mediation and family law and SPLNTR the specialisations of employment law and corporate law.

Click on  the labels below to go to the specific website for more information about our labels, our lawyers and their specialisations.



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